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What is (are) your personal favorite episode(s) of Castle?

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it wasn't the top thread through most of the AMA. I saw it brought up a few times but most of the up votes happened after the time period.

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Pi was comedic gold. And that reference was perfect. This is why I love this show.

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One of the best things about Beckett's character is her relatability, I honestly think it 'works' given where she was in her life before her mother's murder.

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I love the show and especially the character development, but there's one point at which it confuses me. In 'Probable Cause', Beckett's talking to Lanie as though the stuff they uncovered in the investigation is fact, she's clearly upset, when he's arrested she tells him he'd better explain, it seems like she has doubts about his innocence - but later she tells him she never stopped believing him. At this point in their relationship I find it hard to believe she would think even for a moment that he was capable of something like that, and she goes so far as to say she never stopped believing him, so how do you explain her demeanor earlier in the episode?