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KatetCadet8 karma

How do you deal with days where you feel like the Goal is just too far? I've messed around with Swift a bit but have really gone all-in learning C# while trying to make a game in Unity.

The toughest part for me is avoiding thinking too far ahead to what the finished product needs to be, versus where I'm currently at. How do you avoid falling in those pits and avoid losing the drive to actually reach the end goal?

Also, I'm currently working Tech for a Digital Marketing agency, shoot me a message if you'd like some volunteer help getting things like Google Analytics setup / your site pixeled for Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter, etc.

KatetCadet2 karma

I was told an expensive degree guaranteed and was required to make a decent living. This was true last generation, but not for this one. What are you going to do to help my generation that has been drowned in student debt?

I don't see my SO and I bring able to have a nice weeding / buy a house for a very long time.