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You founded Reprieve?!!! I can't believe I can talk to the founder and cannot think of anything that would remotely interest or impress you so I'll just go into fangirl mode. Just want to say I truly, with a level of passion you don't understand, admire you. The work you do is so important and it isn't acknowledged nearly as much as it should be. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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But you founded it Clive. You started the whole thing. I admire all the people who work for you, immensely. The work is of such value and importance. We don't hear about Reprieve, and the issues your mere existence raises, everyday then it's not enough.

If you ever have a need for an ex marketeer who now manages a service for people with dementia in your London office hit me up! Haha

KatefromtheHudd16 karma

Hi Clive,

I cannot express how much I admire you. I have been aware of Reprieve and it's work since I was a young child (thank my mum for that). Reading this I admire you even more. I think you may have just taken Attenboroughs place of number 1 hero!

I have a question relating to what you just said about saying goodbye. I work with people with dementia so obviously we can lose clients quite regularly. A few who have died I have been particularly fond of and have found it very hard to see the decline, know they will die soon and then obviously be informed by the family that they have passed. Some days I've gone out to my car and just sat and cried at how unfair and cruel it is. How on earth do you cope with not only losing people you are fond of, but also watching that moment happen? I see an illness kill people but can't imagine how you cope with watching a human kill someone you like in a method that is, scarily, legal and them believing what they are doing justified. Or am I wrong? Do you find some of those guards who oversee the executions also don't agree with death sentence?

Thank you so much for what you do. You are a truly remarkable man and do such valuable work.