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yes this was intentional. rick rubin, who acted as a guide in this whole process, by which i mean, he listened to our demos and encouraged us to pursue certain elements and to leave behind others, he was always more energised by the poems that were 'i have seen' or 'i have felt' than the poems that were in the third person, describing a life, a town, or telling a story that way. he couldn't tell me, stop writing in the third person, it was a discovery i made that he was hoping i'd make, but its strange with this process, it just had to happen that way. I made Let Them Eat Chaos, played the demos to rick but he wasn't into them, they weren't what he was hoping i'd discover, so i put that album out anyway, to satisfy the desire in me to tell that particular story, and i kept working on this album on the side.

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amazing. i love him. i think he is brilliant, one of the best we have, and i'm always inspired by his wordplay and his mentality. he pushes lyricism to new places. i respect that. i hope we can work together again some day

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THANK YOU for doing this! I have been so inspired to receive the messages via my agent Becky Thomas that you guys were performing this play in jails there. I couldn't have asked for a better life for the play. this really makes me feel so so close to the play and i'm so thankful that u found the play and are giving it life that way. i am still exploring playwrighting, i have a play i'm working on now which i am hoping to finish in the next two months

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i wrote the first verse in a big rush of pain and love while i was touring and i was walking down another european city street, feeling lost myself and far away from the essence of things, as i think can happen when u are a stranger in a new town, with time to kill, observing. when you're touring you move through so many places in such an intense way. the rest of it came together in the studio when Dan started making the beat, the rest of the lyric wrote itself. i think there was a longer version that we cut down. usually i write far more than i need to then strip it back and hope that each line is as strong as it needs to be. when i heard the beat, i knew what the song had to be. it was a feeling i had. thank you for connecting with it

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i feel extremely lucky to be able to put my work out and people can hear it. whenever i get frustrated with any element of this job, i think about the path that got me here, and i say to myself, this is what i dreamed of as a kid, and i'm here. its happening. and that puts me right. i remember to extremely thankful