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KatBegs3 karma

A few months ago when I was riding in the car with my 15-year-old little brother, he asked me how I felt about gay people, gay rights, and gay marriage. I myself am straight, but I have so many precious people in my life who are still fighting for equality. I gladly told him that I thought that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, that I think that everyone should have equal rights under the law, and that we all should be fighting for the civil rights of the LGBT community.
It was one of my proudest moments as a big sister to hear him enthusiastically agree with me, and to tell me of how he had stood up to friends at his school who were saying negative things about homosexuality. At an age where it is so easy to just agree with what your friends are saying, even if you don't believe it, it almost brought a tear to my eye to hear him proudly stand up for the rights of others.