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Why not just make 10 crazier instead of going to 11?

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Well I'm sold

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Did you have to go look?

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First off, I applaud you for just attacking it. Love the drive. Heres my actual question, Have you looked into medical marijuana? I do medical research and a large medical concern about COVID-19 was something called a Cytokine storm, and marijuana has been known to slow the reaction to cytokine storms because it(THC) simply slow the body's reaction times down.

Inflamation is commonly coming up in most medical diagnoses I was just curious ultimately if you have tried marijuana as a medical alternative to Opiod's or not

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The mental anxiety is something that I hadn’t previously considered. I wish you well with your medical issues. This AMA was super insightful, he has a way with words. I literally can’t understand what he’s going through but OP Explains everything in a way even I can understand