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I had heard our guys doing some manner of training on the radio over several days, and decided to take some time on my day off to go and watch them.

They were doing firefighter down extracation drills with a dummy. that involved navigating through a simulated wall frame, over an A-frame made of pallets, then through a tunnel made from welding three fifty gallon drums together. At the end, they had to recover the down firefighter (a dummy in full SCBA) and pull him all the way back through....The entire time with their masks blacked out with cloth to simulate smoke. They had to follow the hose line, feel for the obstacles, and on several occasions, remove their tanks and such just to fit through the holes. It was intense.

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Where or who would you call to report something like this. I hadn't really thought about it, but I've received 3 calls from the same company trying to sell me newspaper subs and have been on the do not call registry since 2008 (according to the verification I just completed at donotcall.gov ) .