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You brave soul. I hope you like nudes!

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A lot of people in my community (in the Rocky Mountains) are deeply suffering, emotionally, because we are not only isolated from friends and family because of the virus, but we’re also unable to go outside because of the terrible and incessant wildfire smoke.

Our eyes, noses, and throats sting & burn if we attempt to. Our coughs are terrible.

How do we take care of our mental health when we can’t do practically anything? We can’t even take walks outside and it’s been like this for over seven weeks now. Most of us still work from home. What can we do to not have cabin fever?

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I watched this show as a young teenager. I grew up in an extremely Christian conservative household...

I have to thank you... the role you played as David forced me to look at homosexual people as emotionally equivocal humans. You and "Keith's" presence on the show stopped me in my tracks when I was 15.

I was in the car with my godmother. A raging republican who hates "the gays."

She made a statement about "gays just wanting to get married because they want the tax breaks."

I told her that I thought gay people wanted to get married because they were in love.

I would have held my family's narrow viewpoint when it came to women's rights & abortion, too.

I appreciate SFU, the truly believable roles that all of the characters played, and the oddly positive impact it has had on my life.

Thank you for being so dedicated to your work. I would have never of guessed that it made you self conscious.

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I think I've seen your okcupid profile...

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Thank you for your response! We’re already doing all of these things, so I guess I just have to wait it out. It’s gonna be awhile!