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set-wise - I don't usually get to build them. Long ago, I used to install Dinosaurs for museum displays, and that was a unique challenge.

costume - I had the chance to work on the werewolf suits at Paul Jones FX for What We Do in the Shadows season 1 and it was sooooo fun!! The actors were on stilts and we custom built the suits to fit them.

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Here’s a super easy recipe for homemade blood: For 1L of corn syrup, add 1/2 cup of cocoa, 2 tablespoons of coffee whitener, and food colouring for the blood colour. Use red with a teeeenie tiny bit of blue/yellow to get a more realistic blood colour. Splatter on a face mask or create a fun photo opp if you’re staying in for Halloween!

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Yes!!!! 10000%. That’s really cool!
There are many actors who build a career as creature performers based on their unique facial features and figures (Doug Jones!!!! Troy James!!!).
I have a friend with great bone-structure, I turned him into a skeleton once for fun. I just had to. :-)
I also find myself looking at strangers sometimes thinking, “wow, you have a great face for prosthetics!!!”, which may come off wrong, so I keep that to myself!!!

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What was your path to the fx industry and what has your favorite project been so far?

Cool!!! Would love to see your work!!!
I used to work haunts, indie zombie productions, too, so that’s a good start on this path, I think. Some of my first jobs revolved around the Halloween season (haunts, doing make-up for friends and family, doing my *own* make-up), and from there, I just started to do more and more and more.. I think the more you put yourself out there (and it comes naturally when you love what you do!), the more opportunities present themselves. I’m just a huge keener and I love this stuff. I love shadowing under other artists and learning new techniques, it’s just. So. much. fun.
My favourite job ever was designing prosthetics for Baroness von Sketch Show (season 5 is airing now!!!! And it’s GOOOOOOD), I had a lot of fun with that.

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If you could do a collectible grade project for... anything -- movie, videogame, dentist office -- what would be your wave a magic wand and it happens project?

I think I would love to create some more creatures - I’ve been really wanting to sculpt a Cthulhu lately? Maybe because of the Halloween season.
I also would love to re-envision some cartoon characters realistically. Would love to sculpt and fabricate the Bob’s Burgers cast.