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Wouldn't recommend Paris for a honeymoon. It's a really cool city but not as romantic as people think. I'd suggest Northern Spain or maybe Italy.

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He could very well lose his security clearance over this. This is a security incident and should be reported to his COMSEC/IA team.

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100% correct. This is a federal offense.

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What exactly does defunding mean? How would police get paid? Don't you think police are crucial to society?

I agree with most of what you said btw (except your claim for slave-catching is not factual), but I don't think focusing on getting rid of police, but rather actually prosecuting police, mandatory body cams, removing all private jails, purging non-violent drug crimes and starting a system that encourages justice and isn't built for capital growth.

I also completely disagree that the system is built to hunt/main/kill black people, that's a bit wild of an opinion imo. Racism exists, and we need to address that, and we have a society that does nothing to give black communities (specifically poverty stricken communities) to get out of the system and it's an uphill battle rather than an even playing field. These cops should be prosecuted and any wiff of racism should be prosecuted harshly, but I don't think all cops are bad, nor do I think the entire system to built to kill black people.

Provide sources btw, they go along way and people will be skeptical about your arguments.

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So you spent time on reddit for 3 years?