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some questions i've talked to other young founders about have been:

1- is a certain amount of status & social recognition necessary for a good life? 

2- do young founders know how to build meaningful relationships? (what drives us to seek status may be the lack of deep social connection in our lives. the problem is a) we think fame / lots of money will solve this problem and b) even if we know fame / money won't solve this problem (& deep relationships will), it's not actually easy to know how to build deep relationships.

thoughts on either?

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  1. Yeah I somewhat buy that. Reminds me of ideas espoused by Alan watts, Buddhism, Islam etc. That said, part of me thinks a certain amount of status does fill an important need for humans.
  2. Love this, esp. 2) and 3). I'd add exploring literature like Feeling Good by David burns and figuring out how to get CBT questions into a conversation.