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Karanah-7 karma

Tom, I’m a defense attorney in RVA. I won’t make it a secret that I’m going to support your campaign because I believe Richmond desperately needs this change. Hell, I might even apply for the office if there were a CA I believed in. Here’s my question:

I’ve appeared in a huge number of counties (over 40) in my career. Discretion is disappearing. In many prosecutors aren’t even allowed to offer plea deals anymore because the office wants to be tough on crime, I’ve had DWI body cam footage of police saying they “smelled the odor of alcohol” from three car lengths away through a mask, and two weeks ago I had a prosecutor who wasn’t allowed to nolle prosse a literal quid pro quo assault and battery where the police ticketed the wife, and three weeks later, she swore out a cross warrant against my client (husband) for the express purpose of gaining an upper hand in their divorce, which she -and her attorney for some reason- put in writing, and I hand delivered to the prosecutor.

How much discretion are you going to give your deputies and ACAs? What will they be authorized to actually -do- without getting management permission first?