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Kara_S25 karma

There's a research study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine that concludes refined sugar acts on our brains in the same ways as cocaine.

Does this match up with your experience in addiction medicine? Do you think food abuse is a form of substance abuse? Thank you!

Kara_S5 karma

Thanks for your response, Doctor. It's interesting to read your comment that there is both a chemical (sugar) and behavioural (food more generally) addiction process involved.

Reading the AMA discussion generally, I suspect that chemical / behavioural combination is true in addiction to any substance of abuse. It is helpful to have you put it that way. It strongly suggests abstinence + consistent behavioural changes are needed to get free from any pattern of addiction.

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Thank you for doing this and for raising awareness about mental health.

Would the panel please share their thoughts on how common treatment resistant major depression disorder is? Is this a case of "the treatments we know about now just don't work" but science may have an answer in the future?

And provide any scientific or anecdotal observations of what may help now, if any. Thank you!