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That's great to hear, thank you for laying out your response. Personally, I'd like to block ads from playing sound without my express permission, so some kind of browser-based option to mute all audio by default would be awesome.

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This is a thought provoking question that I'd like to hear others opinions on. Here's mine: all currencies are made up and only have value because people agree they have value. People have to believe in it. Also, in order for a currency to be useful, it has to be stable. A loaf of bread can't cost 1x a monetary unit one day, then several times that monetary unit the next, then back to 1x the third day. A currency backed/supported by a central government has the appearance of being more stable and therefore more trustworthy. The more powerful the state, the more stable and useful the currency.

For example, the US dollar is supported by the USA. It would basically take the collapse of the US for the dollar to no longer have value, and so it is a trustworthy medium to convey value. Whereas a crypto currency isn't backed by anything, so has the appearance of being able to fall apart at the drop of a hat or the loss of a server rack. Also note that the value of most cryptos varies widely overly relatively short periods of time since no central authority is actively working to keep it stable, which makes for a horrible medium for conducting transactions and therefor makes it fairly useless as a currency.

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Will they though? Many of the lost jobs are from permanently closed small businesses. Still more are from the retail and food service (restaurants, bars, etc) industries. Many individuals and families have taken on new debt, or will be required to take on debt when back rent and utilities come due, and will have suppressed spending as a result even after the economy opens up. If people are not spending as much, meaning businesses have decreased revenue, will the lost jobs in retail and food services come rushing back?

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I live out in the boonies as well. I was surprised by some of the places the rigs can get to drill wells. They can put in a well pretty much anywhere you can drive a minivan to. If you can get a car to within a tenth mile of your home, you could have the well pump into an insulated cistern, then run a line from the cistern to your residence for water in your residence.

Alternatively, we have some seeps on our land, and were told that those are a good place to try and dig a well by hand since a seep is an indication that the water table is near the surface, so you'd only have to go down a few feet for reliable water.

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I feel the exact same way, except I dislike C more because I'm lazy and always forget to do my own garbage collecting. Also, pointers in C suck.