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It comes from a time when miners would carry a canary into a coal mine to signal to them lower levels of oxygen or high levels of a toxic gas. If the canary died, it was time to run for the exits.


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Yes, considering this is a high school football stadium. Only $60M.

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In parts of the US we have Irish Travelers which are similar to gypsies. They are a unique race and stay together and have their own language. They often times put together scams where they'll re-seal someone's paved driveway, and they just put used motor oil on it so it looks good and it all washes away the next time it rains. Or re-roof a house and get paid half up-front, rip off shingles, and then demand twice the payment to get shingles back on. So you are stuck without a roof and being held at ransom.


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Strategy is outdoor baiting with commercial grade boxes. This prevents bigger animals from dragging bait into neighbors yards where it can kill pets.

But when the rodent dies scavengers that eat the remains ingest the anticoagulant and can die as well if the dosage is high enough. When a new neighborhood was built next to mine it drove rodents out of their nests and into everyone's garages, I found some electronic traps that supposedly kill them instantly and can be emptied without having to touch the dead rodent... and that did the trick.

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Might want to wait until everyone stops panic buying rubbing alcohol before you try this one