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If you had to choose your favorite episide of Archer, what would it be? Favorite acting experience?

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Knowing Pam, she was probably more like Magnum Pie.

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Auto property damage adjuster here, though total loss is not my specialty. Skip the other adjuster; go straight to total loss if you can. Show your comps. They may have been skipped because, well frankly, they were not comparable. Comps are close in mileage, options, and condition. Condition is the easiest to argue. Show the receipts for your tires. KBB shows what your car is worth nationally. It includes what your car is worth in a bustling metropolis and in bunfuck nowhere, but you are owed what your vehicle is worth locally. Essentially KBB means nothing. Understand the valuation reports are not written by your adjuster. They're written by an outside company entirely. Your adjuster is going by the numbers they have, not actively trying to screw you over. Prove to them that their numbers need to change.

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He must be a prep.

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Not a SFoG employee, but a SF Magic Mountain vet. Fright Fest uses a ton of temp employees, especially damcers from the local schools, as performers.