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What are some of the first / most important things or tips you tell a newbie just starting out?

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Everyone talks about how musical everyone on TNG was. It looks like Frakes would always sing "Volare". Did anyone else have theme songs or songs they typically sang? What were they for the different cast members, or (if none) what should they be?

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Hi Michael!! SO EXCITED.

You've been doing conventions for so many years now. I love watching you, you always seem so serene and calm in the midst of the craziness that is Marina and Patrick and Brent and co. (Is that an act or a coping mechanism?)

Is there any story that you still love to tell, every time you're asked, every chance you get? If so, which one?

(If not, what often asked question would you like to replace and what would you like to be asked instead?)

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That's an interview from 1999, and I think that Terry and Ira finally spoke in person about this maybe a decade after wrapping the show, and discovered that there were a lot of misunderstandings, between the producers and her people talking, instead of Terry and Ira talking. Ira found out what Terry's requests (about Season 7) had been, and that he totally could have accommodated them, while Terry was told by TPTB that her demands could not be met. So yeah, there were some hurt feelings on both sides. This isn't about the Season 7 series finale that you're talking about, but they would've likely been the same players, so I would take a 1999 interview with a grain of salt.

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Cool. This is very practical pragmatic advice.

I actually expected you to give a philosophical safety answer, along the lines of "All guns are loaded" for teaching beginners gun safety. (Got anything like that as well?)