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Two legs bad, four legs good.

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  1. Even if you're on a PC and hate Apple, do the editing and all the digital work with Apple. It will make your life SO much easier when you have the finished product.

Why Apple, specifically? Do they have Mac-restricted software that a souped up PC build can't use?

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Holy crap does Apple have a monopoly on the film market. I know that some creative YouTubers would use Mac for their stuff, and I wondered why, when PC has come so far.

Maybe some of them do it because they're just Mac people, but your testament brings more meaning. I could make the best videos I want in 4K MP4 or whatever the camera recors in, and it's considered anathema to professionals, is that it?

Unless I convert it with ProRes, which you say USED to be Apple-exclusive? In that case, PC hardware for the win!

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Hello! One of your soundtracks that has always stuck with me is The Da Vinci Code game adaptation, and I always wondered how you developed the music for this title.

I recall reading somewhere that you did the voices of the choir using some specific software that can use a singular voice to simulate a multitude, was this true?