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Hi Sarah! I'm a big fan of your work, and this project specifically.

One major question I've had about healthcare policy in the US, is why insurer's ability to negotiate for lower prices doesn't seem to exert much downward pressure on healthcare costs. Do you have any thoughts or insight into this? Is it just that hospitals can pass along the full cost to the patients regardless, or is something else at play?

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You basically repeated your talking points here to SavannaJeff. You didn't really respond to the meat of his post, which was to point out that your organizations are portraying normal aspects of trade negotiations in fundamentally dishonest ways.

"I want to live in a democracy" is a bumper sticker. It's dishonest to say that multinational corporations have 'privileged access' without pointing out that non-profits and NGOS (like the EFF) enjoy the same. And actual democracy is a nightmare - the average person doesn't understand the intricacies of international trade. In fact, most people are against free trade in general, while it enjoys a consensus view among economists.

You think legislative riders are dishonest? I think your portrayal of the TPP is dishonest. Why should I trust you, when you won't even address the specifics that SavanaJeff laid out?

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One of your five issues is single payer healthcare. Why do you favor the single payer model specifically, over the other models for universal healthcare used in the industrialized world? For example, a public option, or a multi-payer model like Switzerland.

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Your characterization of ISDS is, most charitably, mistaken. That's the politest way of saying it's a complete lie.

ISDS doesn't give corporations special rights. There's a reason the US has never lost an ISDS case - we don't use our environmental laws to backdoor protectionism. Tell the Canadian government to stop passing laws that treat foreign companies differently from domestic ones, and you'll stop losing cases.

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Are you willing to prosecute police officers who commit perjury on the stand?