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Kaelri12 karma

First: thanks for doing this. :) Because of Docs, I haven't touched a native word processor in at least a year.

My question: what are the chances of seeing interoperability between Google Docs and Dropbox? I know I speak for many users who would love to be able to open documents from (and save them to) their Dropbox accounts. (Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but having local mirrors of all my cloud data is important to me, and Docs' existing download options are lacking.) Has there been any discussion of this, even hypothetically, at Google?

Kaelri7 karma

In a word: they're entrenched. They've been using Microsoft's business framework for over a decade. There are thousands of proprietary addons and plugins that only work with Office, Outlook, and most infamously IE6. I think most businesses know, on some level, that they should upgrade. But they balk at the cost of upgrading all of their machines, sorting out the inevitable glitches, and retraining their employees - many of whom aren't tech-savvy enough to know the difference between Mac and Windows - on a radically different working paradigm.

I don't expect most of these organizations to upgrade. I expect them to gradually fail and be replaced by businesses which embraced modern software tools from the get-go.