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So I take it that it's safe to assume that 'Blue code of silence' does indeed exist, and I'm very glad that you were one of the ones to not follow it.

But related to that, would you say that most cops follow that code of silence, or is that moreso just a small number of cops giving the rest a bad name?

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Because now she can say she interacted with the citizens of the internet, and check off that bullet point. Any time it comes up that she's asked "Why do you not listen to the populace", she can respond with " I did speak with them it was very informative, and this is what they wanted ".

Because like fuck anyone (who matters) is going to fact-check her. Hell, I'd be surprised if they thought reddit was something other than a misspelled frog sound.

The only reason this AMA exists is so that she can claim she did it.

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Hey, sorry to drag you back to the X-files days in a topic about your book, but... "AMA", I guess.

It really looked like you and David had a blast filming that show. Was it actually as fun as it looked, and are there any particular instances that come to mind that were particularly fun on or around the set?