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The Baloots are hit and miss. Some of them are VERY good, and some are...well, bleh like you noted. It really just depends on the vendor selling them. Generally speaking, if you bug one of the locals, they'll point you in the right direction to the guy with the best ones.

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Out of morbid curiosity, I have to ask this. I will understand if you don't quite know the answer.

For a time, especially when AOL was starting to experience a serious down turn in user numbers, there was a campaign where people would be mailed AOL CD's in a kind of junk mail (snail mail spam.) There was a campaign in protest to this that included taping the letter to a brick and writing "return to sender" on it, with the intent of forcing AOL to have to pay shipping costs due to the weight of the brick. A second variant of this involved the "send for a free CD" cards that sometimes turned up in the mail. My question is this, do you happen to know how much this may have cost AOL, or perhaps how many bricks actually turned up at the company?

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Be glad you didn't live in the Savannah Georgia area. Area code there is 912. You can imagine how many times people dialed 911 thinking they were getting the area code.

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Ever have the seal on a coffin break?

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I worked for a processing plant some years back myself as a RCO (Remote-Control Operator) shuttling railcars that were being loaded around. Once, we had a refrigeration unit go bad on a fully loaded car, causing all the meat to spoil and the company had to unload and dispose of it.

From this, I have two questions I've always wondered.

First: How often does spoilage on that magnitude happen,


Second: If a spoilage like that happens, what is the fallout from it? (Fines, job loss, or cost.)