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It was not us ( the DJ's ) that changed the rules. It was management. We LOVED you! You knew how to answer when we asked, "WHAT STATION JUST MADE YOU A WINNER???" , You always called in and gave us good phone bits, you always called during slow times to say hi and let us know you where there, and you knew how to act excited over something as cheesy and lame as a CD or free lunch. That is why when it came to the big prizes everyone was always caller number 8...till I heard your familiar voice in my ears...Then I got my caller number nine and sent you to the concert event of the summer.

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By making the best clicker video ever made!

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How much "space junk" is really out there? As in when you are spacewalking do ever worry about getting hit by something? And.. Would you consider the one way trip to Mars?

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Not the OP, but I can help offer an answer. In my time we were required to do evals a day on skippers shows. We would ride in the back of the boat, watch the show, then follow up with the skipper later with a written review of their show. Two skippers was the required number per day. If time permitted I would do more. Since we were on the back of the boat the skippers would know we were there watching and of course would give a scripted show. So other times we would use hiding spots around the island to observe skippers in their natural habitat. This was not to intentionally go out and ruin a skippers day to catch them doing something wrong, it was just a quality insurance thing. Source: Me. Former JAWS/ Trike/ Kong lead.

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Hi. I have a few questions.

If you take a call and there is nothing but silence on the other end do you assume the caller is in a situation where they cannot talk and start to ping their phone?

Have you been swatted? Is this still a thing? I have not heard about it in a while. It has happened twice in my small town and it was a pretty big deal.

If a person calls in a threat to the President do you transfer that to Secret Service or does it start locally and go up there? Thanks for doing what you do.