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I mean this question with all due respect. It seems fairly common knowledge now that Christ was not likely born in December and that Christmas emerged from pagan traditions.

With this understanding increasingly more accepted, how do you reconcile the continued celebration of Christmas as it is? Is Christmas really still about Christ's birth (if it ever was)?

KTBFFH11 karma

Thank you for the reply! I've really enjoyed reading your responses in this thread.

Follow-up question in case you still have the time:

Would Jesus really want a single day set aside like Christmas, and does that matter?

I mean, Jesus doesn't seem like much of a holiday kinda guy - never really promotes any in particular or even suggests their with, focusing instead on living our lives the best we can. When focus was put on him, he seemed more inclined to deflect that focus and worship onto his father (which gets confusing with the Trinity stuff, but that's for another day) than to accept it.