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Insurance defense attorney here. I have heard stories, but never really confirmed. At around 4:00 p.m. and on Fridays, do the phones and email servers on the claims floor tend to shut off? For some reason, we usually find it difficult to reach our clients at this time. Is there a 4:00 party we never get invited to? A friday get-together we are missing out on? Perhaps even an adjuster ritual you have to have special membership to participate in?

Thank you!

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In america, there is actually a distinction between client confidence and attorney/client privilege. Generally, attorney client privilege belongs to the client, and prevents the client or the attorney [the prosecution or opposing party] from admitting evidence or compelling the attorney or client to speak [at trial] about any discussions made between the client and the attorney , meaning said conversations are inadmissible as evidence. Under the ABA rules of professional responsibility, basically the lawyer's code of ethics, bars the lawyer from speaking about anything regarding the clients case to anyone unless he has the consent of his clients. This continues even after trial. The lawyer is answerable to the state bar in which he is licensed. That said, in an educational setting, while there is no hardline exception, it is possible to talk about a previous matter if you change some facts and ensure that the identity of your client remains unattainable. Law professors do this all the time.

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This gave me a good laugh! Thanks!

I'm rather new to the insurance defense game, so if I can ask one more question. Aside from missing important deadlines and serious mistakes, what would you say are the top three things that are sure to get one of your attorneys (or firm) fired from an account?

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Alex Kozinski, Chief Judge of the 9th Circuit, believes that the use of legal injection is a way for Americans to lie to themselves that what they are doing is not cruel; that if the death penalty is to remain, people should see the true meaning of this method carried out (e.g. hanging, guillotine, and firing squad). Aside from disagreeing with the death penalty as a whole, and being one who is heavily involved in the matter, what is your opinion on the use of lethal injection?

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This is a cause that I will always passionately back. As a law student, how can I get involved?