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I most certainly did not.

KSP actually started out very unambitiously, and the first versions were actually in 2D (well, 3D graphics but restricted to vertical and horizontal movement). I had initially pitched it as just a simple game where you could build rockets and launch to see how high you could get.

I guess you can say there was a lot of feature creep.


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Elon Kerman added to crew name pool.

Cheers :)

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I don't really think I am very good at it. I'm definitely not at the level of the really top guys on the subreddit or the streamers.

I can get around though. I am able to put together a mission to redirect an asteroid for instance, and I can dock pretty much anything to anything else (within the bounds of sanity)


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I do check it out every now and then, but there definitely is a bit of that weird feeling too... KSP took up six years of my life, so it's not something you can just walk away from... I guess it's like having a child that's moved out... you still worry about it and want it to be doing well.


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Wow that is a good question.

Talking about your previous employment is never a very easy thing to do. It would be oversimplifying to say the rumours are all true or all false. There is always a lot of gray in these areas.

There are bad memories and there are good memories, I guess just like with any other job. I really did learn a lot from the whole thing though.

With Floating Origin, I am definitely decided on doing some things differently, mainly around how I want to handle team growth, and as much as possible, doing all I can to avoid setting ourselves up against immovable deadlines. It's not possible to avoid altogether, but I think you can save yourself from a lot of stress by trying to avoid the problem instead of trying to work yourself around the symptoms.

As for creative input vs creative control, that was something I learned to manage even during KSP, so this time, I really haven't had any problems in that area. Granted, I am one in a team of three, so we also haven't run into the communication problems that come up with a larger group.