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Samssonart: There are a few, but remember, people don’t usually use their work addresses to buy games, even if they’re about what they do for a living.

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  1. Has Squad had any talks with NASA, or any other space agencies about cooperative work? Curriculum? Promotion? Workshops? NASA Official Parts Packs? I'd really like to see KSP live up to it's potential as a major educational tool.

Calisker: We have talked to the amazing team at NASA, which is pretty remarkable in its own right. Having real rocket scientists as fans of the game has been a real positive for us! As for the education part, we will have more information coming soon about our plans for KerbalEDU, which will be a new education venture with TeacherGaming, the folks who created MinecraftEDU.

Plus, we're always open to working with educational partners. For example, we're currently helping the New Zealand Department of Conservation with an upcoming event for CIS Day. We are honored to be helping them out in a small way as well as showing support for what they're doing for mapping and satellites education.

  1. Does Squad have a main office, or are all of you scattered about? (because I might send you cookies...)

Calisker: HQ is in Mexico City but several members of our team work remotely, including myself.

Samssonart: The Mexico HQ street address is in our contact page for all your cookie donations.

  1. Be honest. What's one thing that the KSP community does that drives you insane? ...so we can not do that thinganymore…

Samssonart: When people don’t read

Ted: Probably how easily misconceptions or assumptions can spread. However, it's important to note that this isn't unique to the KSP Community and is widespread with humans in general haha.

Maxmaps: Assume we have a 200 person team working on the project. Although it is kinda flattering…

HarvesteR: What I usually call the ‘can’t you just’ syndrome. But this, like Ted said, isn't specific to the KSP Community. In fact, we’re actually blessed with having a community like we do. You don’t have to search too hard to see what other game communities can be like, so we really can’t complain.:)

Rowsdower: In almost any game community, there can be a misunderstood sense of overwhelming expectations.”Why isn’t this in the game?” “It’d be easy to do so and so…” “I want this now” and so forth. When you look past all that, though, the KSP community is one of the smarter, more cooperative communities out there. You have to take the bad with good, but we’re very fortunate that the good shines brightest.

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Maxmaps: This is a humbling feeling to say the least. To know that they choose to spend their spare time on our game is incredible, heartwarming and motivating as can be.

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Maxmaps: Our stats tallying system doesn't currently track that particular variable, but it may be something we look for in a future update!  

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N3X15/Rob: We're all astonished with the number and level of modifications that have been created for our game. We hope they keep coming!