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Hello Mr Krieger, I have been a huge Doors fan since my Dad introduced me as a teenager. I have a few questions If you wouldn't mind answering them.

How confident are you that "The Doors will never sell out"? Do you see the bands wishes being kept in the future that the music will never be used for commercials?

Do you see The Doors story gracing our screens once again? Whether it be as another film or a TV series, with Oliver Stone's version reaching it's 30th anniversary year, and the growing popularity of biographical films for musicians (which as usual, The Doors were ahead of the curve), it seems like the perfect opportunity to introduce a new generation to your music. Although it looks like Family Guy just beat me to this question.

Do you have a favourite use of one of your songs in a film?

Did you feel it was important in that Ray and John had both released autobiographies in the past, that you wanted to have your side of the story heard too?

And speaking of Ray, If I remember rightly, he wrote something in his book about "if Jim were alive he hoped he would have challenged Ronald Reagan for the presidency in 1980", is this something that you had discussed before, even in a light-hearted manner? And do you think President Morrison would have been leaving the Oval Office in handcuffs?

Also, when Ray passed, the late Norm Macdonald said "The Doors curse strikes again", is it safe to say The Doors curse struck back?

I really do love your music, it's helped me through many a tough days and years, thank you for your time, I hope your experience on Reddit is pleasant and you have a wonderful rest of your day.

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Thank you for the answers, apologies if I went overboard with the questions, I never thought I'd have the opportunity to ask them, it means a lot. I read in an article that you've previously said that you want to protect The Door's music from commercialisation because of the fans who have told you how much it's helped them in life, I have an enormous amount of respect for you Mr Krieger.

Your music on it's own is a religious experience, combined with the acting of Marlon Brando takes it to another plane.

Thank you again, I can't wait to read the book!