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I am a retired Primary Examiner. Have you thought about volunteering your services to help expedite patent applications for COVID19 related inventions?

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I am trying to organise an effort to make drug companies and other researchers aware that people like us exist.

I have specific institutional knowledge that can shave months (even years) of patent pendency and help bring cures to the market much sooner.

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Is there a way to give 1,000 upvotes for this comment? Testing is chasing a moving target, and as soon as the sample is drawn the result is stale. There is nothing preventing the patient from getting infected.

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I really like your response. There are people who believe that since everyone will catch it, it doesn't matter what you do. So they go on like normal and potentially get infected and infect many more people sooner.

Catching it much much later is best.

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful and informative post.