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Dietary speaking, what are the most reliable ways to lose weight?

Edit: Let me rephrase. As a 36 year old male that's 20 pounds overweight with limited willpower, I have tried to lose the excess weight by dieting and moderate exercise but I keep failing - especially the diet part. Any advice for the best way to lose the excess weight? Do you have any secret that make dieticians hate you?


I went back to visit McMaster and saw they changed it. As much as I love tacos, it was a sad day.


Corporation within corporation is the easy solution to compartmentalize liabilities. You are basically just incorporating another company and having the parent company as the shareholder.

-Canadian business lawyer.

note: While I believe this also to be the case in the U.S., I can't say for certain.


I have tried making my own tortillas but they kept sticking to one side of the press. I couldn't peel them off without damaging them. Any tips?

Is there any video or advice you have for making tortillas and/or tamales?