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20 hours ago, Kane Hodder (Jason) called Freddy Krueger a hack in an IAmA.

Would you like to entertain us by trash talking Jason?

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That'll do.

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  1. As an accomplished scientist, how would you rate the scientific knowledge of your colleagues in Congress? What could be done to improve it?

  2. I'm a liberal living in NJ. I plan to vote in the primary and special elections for Senate. I am predisposed to vote for Cory Booker, as I think his name recognition and state-wide popularity make him a safer bet to keep the seat Democratic, though of course I realize it's more likely that the Democratic candidate will win no matter who it is. I think you're both good candidates, and as far as I can tell your views are fairly similar. Why should I vote for you instead of him?

  3. I learned from your Wikipedia page that you are the only Quaker in Congress. Has this ever been an issue? How big of a thing is personal religion in Congress?

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That was actually the basic plot of the 2008 David Baldacci novel Hour Game, too:


I had that basic idea kicking around in my head for a story until I saw that Baldacci already wrote it. I think it's an intriguing premise for a thriller/crime novel.

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Do The Right Thing blew me away the first time I saw it. One of the things I found most impressive about it was how you created what felt like a very real place and breathed a lo t of life into the characters, even ones who had barely any screen time. When so many movies struggle to create even one compelling character, a movie like Do The Right Thing makes it look like creating twenty is easy. As a writer/director, what do you think makes a good/memorable character?