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That was so ethical of you I'd have to wager you're in the NGO sector. I'm right across the border in Myanmar and have a friend that was quarantined under concern he was infected. He's being treated quite well and I imagine Vietnam has far better facilities for quarantine. I know it's extremely intimidating especially if you're unfamiliar with the local language but they're probably just as scared of you potential pathogens as you are of their retro-fitted army barracks hahaha. Wishing you well! Thanks for doing the AMA getting to read some interesting first hand experience. We "don't have any confirmed cases" yet and I'm just waiting for the impending fallout here.. Stay strong!

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Nope pretty sure Laos/Cambodia are in between, was just using it as an expression for being close. Are you commenting on this solely to attempt to nit-pick at me?

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Sorry I guess I don’t know if you’re asking to know or asking to correct, my bad. But yeah it’s technically not far as the sliver of Laos/Cambodia you’d have to pass through isn’t much, but it doesn’t share a border.