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KATEWM17 karma

It seems like a sort of cool, old-timey bootstrap story - like I picture a young Atticus Finch studying law books in his bedroom or something. 😂

I’m sure that’s not really what it’s like, though. Does everyone who follows this path have a lot of experience in a relevant job?

I actually know someone who had my job (California Workers’ Comp Adjuster) who is in the process of doing the same thing with a firm. There’s a specific senior attorney who is “sponsoring” her. I assume her goal is to eventually practice as a Workers’ Comp defense attorney at the firm where she’s studying.

But I always wondered if a random person, like someone fresh out of college with a pre-law degree, could do it (I assume Kim K is a unique situation 😂). I know Law School can mean lots of debt, so it seems like it could be smart if they can swing it.