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I used to really dislike him. Thought he was smug and obnoxious. Then I listened to him on Joe Rogan's podcast several weeks ago. He's actually cool. Listen to the man actually have a conversation and not judge him by factoid tweets and other similar snippets. I got you, /u/neiltyson. You're a bit misunderstood. Just trying to educate. Respect.

Edit: Added 6:55 EST, he replies to a comment where someone asks about him being an asshole.

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If things were any other way, things would be different.

Only a science guy could blow my mind like that.

"If something changed, something would be different!"


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When you wake up, can you share what was the first thing you watched?

And what your favorite TV shows are now?

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Also, is there a topic that Netflix just said “no”?

I'd like to know this, as well.

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Daniel Stern called me a filthy animal. This is awesome. Excellent AMA. Seems like a very nice guy and Home Alone was a childhood staple and I still love it as well as the soundtrack.

Also, I think the fact that he just came here to talk and not promote anything is great. Even more reason that anyone with the above social media accounts should follow this cool guy.