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Is there any truth to the rumors that taxi services and bus routes are owned and operated by the Glaswegian Mafia?


Many of my friends in London are, just, terrified of East Glasgow. Does the East End really see THAT much more crime, proportionally, or is it just talk?

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Thanks! Super interesting.

What about the bus/taxi thing?

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Okay, as an unmotivated artist with a lot of ideas and a comfortable job, very simple question:

how did you motivate yourself to leave comfort and pursue what you felt was important, and how did you maintain that motivation for long enough to complete the project?

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Ah hah! Ahhh. I can relate.

I started a theatre company last time I got dumped, then got with a new guy too soon who ruined the fuck out of it.

Stay single, get mad. Interesting anecdotal experience.


Can't wait to watch your docu, dude.

How do I do it in a way that gets you money?

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You got...justifiably mad, set out to prove them wrong, and did.


I guess I need to find something to prove ... Thanks for answering so frankly.