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Can't you get a tracheotomy? I mean, that's not an ideal result at all, but surely if you bypass your sinuses completely you'll be able to get more oxygen again? It would mean a lot less pain and suffocation, for one. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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Downvoted for a well thought-out post. That's not how reddit's supposed to work...

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And when that happens, the first instinct should be to discuss it, if only for your curiosity. Moreover, The upvote arrow isn't an agree button. It's supposed to be a button for insightful comments that contribute to the discussion, like the one we're both referring to.

Now, people don't use upvotes like that, which comes with the territory that is the internet. However, it's not constructive, and the subreddits associated the most with that kind of posting are often the boring ones, or the poisonous ones. The best subreddits are the ones that have interested and engaged redditors.

Though if you're more interested in the dank memes than the community that's okay too, I guess...

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There are some people like this, but they are acting that way to antagonize the other side, at which point I'd put them in the miscellaneous category that includes all the dumb people that the smart guy you replied to forgot to mention. They're in every group you can imagine, and they're usually the loudest. They aren't ideologically or even logically motivated. They are the people who vote based on other motives, which vary in ridiculousness.

Too bad, cause I believe it's this more than anything that distorts these groups' messages as well as their self-perception.

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Are you left-handed?