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My girlfriend suffers from depression for about 8 years now, how can your findings (and also overall knowledge) help her free herself from it?

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I'm not sure, she's been jumping from one psychiatrist to another, her mother also builds distrust into her regarding psychiastrists in general. She just takes medications. I'm with her for 3 years already, she just does that, takes the pills daily. She changed the medication twice during these 3 years. She never mentioned anything apart of taking pills. She goes to the doctor just to take another prescription to buy more pills and that's it.

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Oh yeah! Thank you for telling me this, I've just started (few months only) to run twice a week with my gf, then this week we upgraded it to three times a week, making wonders to us! Every aspect of the relationship improved, some just slightly, some other aspects improved a lot. Knowing your life experience makes me more confident in exercising with her (:

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I don't think so. Actually I dont do research on the medication she is taking, but as far as she knows, she's just taking regular antidepressant, nothing "special" or out of the ordinary. BUT I'll take a look at it, and also at the specific medication she's taking. Thank you for the direction!

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He doesn't need to, they indeed are.