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Learn from Other Games

Iterate on Bad Ideas

Work with Great People

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LOL. I often joked that i picked the worst possible thing to be world-class at when it came to impressing girls. In my next life, I hope I am better at sports ;)

In all seriousness, I do believe that the confidence that comes from competing at high levels along with the broader perspective one gets from travelling around the world really do help in conversations with the opposite sex.

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Hearthstone is a gorgeous game and I am really glad it exists. Blizzard always does a great job of making things simple, pretty, and easy to access. Hearthstone has brought a whole new group of players into trading card games who may never have known about them otherwise.

One great thing abotu digital TCGs is that they are free to play and it is very easy for players to sample new games. When Hearthstone players are ready for a deeper experience, we will be here :)

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This was a terrible mistake and was corrected within a few hours. Only a handful of purchases were made and we have put in checks to make sure this never happens again. We are a small team and we will make mistakes, but I apologize sincerely for this and it won't happen again.

As far as communication, we are regularly checking reddit, our forums, and the steam and solforgeladder.com chats. We also have several community members in our QA and testing groups who have a direct line to the devs when things go wrong.

Also, I'm here now! :)

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That is a great question! It is hard to pick just one thing, but if I had to pick one it would be the completely overhauled User Interface to make things more intuitive, faster, and prettier. We are incredibly excited to be working with Free Range Games to update our code and make the game more beautiful and functional.

Stone Blade has always been about great game design, but we admittedly had a lot to learn about programming digital games and now we have a team with that expertise.

On the game design side, we will be rebalancing a lot of the cards in the game based on what we have learned over the last two years. We are also working on improvements to our timer, and a ranking / ladder system to help keep players engaged.