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I means his lawyers tried to claim that, but Jones himself has never said that, and when he took the stand, oh jesus.

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So you essentially saying yes, he was profiled due to out of state plates.

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He's not accusing people of being racist, he's pointing out how arguments in favor of these monuments often completely ignore the feelings of ~half the south, the half that happens to be black, the kind of people who were enslaved by the men being memorialized.

I'm not sure how the differences in New York vs LA daily life compare to the differences of slave owners and the enslaved.

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Not OP but as far as I know the only reported CTE cases of hockey players have been enforcers or "goons"; guys who got in fights. Fighting is part of the NHL but not part of youth or college hockey.

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Or, are you saying slavery was the central issue, but from the 1800s - 1950s, the retelling of history was corrupted to lead us to believe slavery was not the central cause of the Civil War?

The only way I could make sense of your comment is by inserting the "not" in bold. Yes, this is what he is saying.

I am 32, and grew up in St. Louis. In grade school, I vaguely remember being taught that "economic differences" and things like tariffs on British goods contributed to prewar tensions, and slavery was just one accept of this. I also remember, and continue to meet, people who insist that the war was fought over states' rights, and earnestly believe this was a noble cause even though the South lost. Based on my experience it didn't end in the 1950s.