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That's sad, considering my ex-wife was just recently in arrears of over $10,000 and not so much as her license was suspended.

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I think if they wanted to, they would either restrain, ask you to restrain or as a last resort shoot the dogs. Also, to have access to your garden they would ask.

This is from my experience during deployment, and also the 5 years I've served in the military so far.

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I love you.

Oh, I'm in VA.

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I don't se why US troops would poison your dogs. Really, they don't carry any sort of poison on them.

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I sent you a PM before I saw this.

I've been looking to get into this field for a while, however I have a few questions:

  • Is the work schedule typically 3 on and 1 off? I've heard this while looking around the google

  • Since there are no longer official schools certified for training, what are the current standards looking at new hires?

  • I live on the east coast, and while there's a small turbine market developing (especially offshore) my schooling options are limited. Would a ME or EE degree be just as useful and finish training OTJ?