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JustAMinuteAnHourAgo409 karma

I bet in the near future when you are talking to a tree at a Disney park it will say "I am Groot"

JustAMinuteAnHourAgo389 karma

I don't owe this guy nothin

JustAMinuteAnHourAgo244 karma

I struggle with this because I am very good knowing I don't know, but now I have a hard time actually taking a stance on things and just sort of wallow in the middle saying "maybe" and "I don't know"

JustAMinuteAnHourAgo112 karma

they were in the desert looking for aliens, and they totally found some! but Bob's camera battery died, and Jane left hers in the hotel, and Justin forgot to take the lens cap off....

JustAMinuteAnHourAgo84 karma

Do you ever feel, I don't know, offended, wronged? in that you are picked to play princesses of very different racial backgrounds? Like sometimes you are supposed to be Chinese and sometimes Native American. I suppose there are a few visual similarities but those are pretty distinct cultures and their members have pretty distinct appearances, in general. Am I just being silly, or is this something you have thought about before?