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JustADutchRudder56 karma

The real donor will hopefully see this post and know you're happy! Hopefully he is enjoying his new heart; in my mind donors have a donor and it's a long train of healthy people trading off organs with the sick person being the caboose and some random dead person being the first car.

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First dude died of natural causes, it was peaceful surrounded by family. Problem with my train is age limit of the donor is more fluid.

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I just need a PC, ps4 and a switch than I'm right there with you!

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Are you telling me organ donation isn't just a long train until it gets where it's needed? I was told that's how it works when I offered my kidney to the processes.

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I was just trying to have a fun organ train where people where the cars. I'm happy your kidney donation was direct and as far as I know going great!