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JustADumbB1onde3 karma

I am sorry if this is a stupid question, but I will ask, anyway.

Do you, personally belive (not what doctors say) that your illness was significantly triggered via the environment, or genetics? For example, my grandfather had a rare form of leukemia. He handled chemicals most of his life. And there was no cancer in his family, at all. What are your personal thoughts on how this illness progressed?

My prayers have been sent for you. I hope that's alright. Good thoughts, and blessings for the coming new year. ❤

JustADumbB1onde2 karma

Yes, of course. Looking back is not at all helpful. It id just a topic I sometimes ponder genetics vs environment.

You are the same age as my son, who has had a lot of health problems, although different from yours.

God bless you, and lots of hugs and good wishes sent your way! ❤ You are a brave fighter!