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Dr. Kelsky, thanks for doing an AMA!

My question relates to getting a teaching job. I'm currently still a grad student in philosophy, working on my dissertation. I don't have many publications, and the ones that I have aren't high level serious publications. I have, however, been teaching for 4 years already, both at a rich private college and a poor community college. I have taught 6 different courses at this point, and have designed and received funding for an original course offering. I also serve on a committee at the community college that's a part of the Center for Teaching and Learning that's aimed at promoting interdisciplinarity in the college.

My question is about job prospects at a teaching college, likely a SLAC. I feel like I've demonstrated my ability to be a good teacher (I also get good student reviews), but my publication history is mediocre at best. I can likely pull together an article publication that should be half decent before I'm done with my degree, but my focus always has been and always will be on teaching. How strong do my publications need to be to get a teaching job?

Thanks for doing the AMA!

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I've had migraines since I was 21ish. By most metrics, my migraines have a lot of the same symptoms as a stroke, I get confused, my vision is blurry, I lose feeling in one side (though sometimes both) and usually my speech slurs a little. I've never been able to identify any specific triggers, and no medicine has ever offered any relief. I have a history of concussions (6) and the migraines started after I had received all of my concussions.

My question is: what can those of us who have tried many things and had no success do or look forward to? Are there new promising things coming about? Does any research seem to offer hope?

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Thanks for the response!

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Thanks for the response. When it comes time to enter the job market I plan on throwing some money at you to help me get prepared, so hopefully everyone else being bad at writing job apps ends up playing in my favor.

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You guys know my buddy Brad Benson? Any fun stories about him you want to share?