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lol not possible.

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I was sitting at the back of a lecture hall for a group of kids attending a two-week summer leadership course for which I was a counselor, doodling on a clipboard thinking about social games and how to improve on Werewolf. Suddenly the idea of TRUSTING people as opposed to LYNCHING them came up, and the rest came from there. I played the game with the high-schoolers for the rest of the camp session; they really liked it and that was enough inspiration to keep going.

I still remember one of the first sessions with them, it was the 5th round, I was Resistance and was desperately trying to convince a high school kid to trust me, yelling that we were all going to blow up if he didn't, another girl yelling back the whole time. Finally he did and we won, to raucous cheers. That's when I knew it was something good.

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Hi Bill, glad you like it. I am always brewing something and it usually comes out bitter, but that's game design. Generally speaking I'd like to make a Resistance expansion/sister game that sees the world from the perspective of the Spies, thus a thematic shift, and along with that I'd want to turn many of the core elements of Resistance/social deduction games (a la uninformed majority vs informed minority) totally around and still have them work. As for how to do that, I'm working on it. Wait for it.

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Yeah, that's true, and thank you. The suggestion I'd received for it was "IAMA designer of The Resistance, a game of social deduction goodness, AMA," which I see now would have been better (any way to change it?). Added some detail to the description though so hopefully that helps.

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No but he is. Look at him. Just LOOK at him!