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Do journalists feel any guilt about the part they play in giving mass shooters that temporary ‘celebrity’ status?

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It kind of pisses me off this was ignored. Why is everyone asking about bullet proof cars and ignoring the strict gun laws part??!?

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Wait, Mexico has strict gun laws?

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There is a whole radio series on this (which is how I know of it). I believe one was about old folks homes as well. These are airing on NPR this week, you should tune, sounds up your alley.

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I can’t say I’m all that satisfied with this answer, though I work in the alcohol industry and that is also not doing society much good either. I feel the seeds of discontent partisan politics and the attention mass shooters get from NPR (and the media in general) aren’t necessary a good thing. Imo the media has an obligation to unite rather than divide, but everyone has taken a sensationalism ‘all about the ratings’ attitude. For some reason I have always had the impression journalists were in it for a higher purpose as opposed to it just being a job.