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r/semenretention definitely more focused on the spiritual side of masturbation but would like to hear thoughts also.

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How do you feel about Jungian thoughts that depression and anxiety are a mere failure to confronts ones shadow?

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Factories, construction, i.t. are a few i know of off the top of my head. Hourly workers are much more incentivized to work 40 plus hours a week. At my job they switched anything over 40 hours to 2x pay also.

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From a personal perspective they are though. Its a sub as much about personal growth as not cumming. I know it sounds crazy but they approach it in a very scientific manner or a deductive process more so than the other subs on it. Not only this many of them are very well versed in the vedic teachings which teach the same things existentialist like Carl Jung was teaching just in a bit different context. Lots of really valuable information once you step away the narcissistic personality of the sub.