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3rd Rock from the Sun question

In the early seasons, your character seemed to fit in with Earth life the best and often seemed set up as a contrast to the stupidity of the older Solomons and this created humor from you having to deal with the consequences of their bumbling.

In later seasons though, your character's apparent intelligence took a nosedive and you seemed to be just as clueless as the others about things, which to my mind made your character superfluous.

What can you tell us about this apparent shift in tone for your character and your feelings about it then and now?

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Have you ever gotten drawn into other aspects of crime via undercover work, e.g. bullying between teens, kids discussing shoplifting, drug deals etc?

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The implication of this is staggering because it means that pretty much every teen girl is probably being approached this way multiple times.

I mean, if you 'dress up' as a kid and you get hit on so often you can make a career out of it, a real regular kid must be going through the same things or close to it right? Or are your profiles baited with references to single homes/poverty/abuse to make you seem extra vulnerable?

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You said you don't initiate contact. Does that mean that you just set up a fake girl FB account and local adult men approach you from cyberspace cuz they like your picture/profile?

There's no mutual friend intro, or common membership in a One Direction fanclub etc to give them some kind of lead that the can connect with? It just seems so strange to me that a predator would be so blunt.

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What are your strategies for Monopoly?