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Not a question, but I once had to stay in a hospital on Curacao for a week. For some reason they chose My Big Fat Greek Wedding to be the movie they showed 24/7 on one of the tv channels.

While I can't stand to hear the word Opa! anymore it did keep me entertained the entire week though!

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I told my mom to wake me up to see Mars during it's closest approach a couple of years ago. Apparently I told her that I wanted to go to sleep again so she let me fall asleep again (and I missed it). I guess what I'm saying is.. she probably never woke you up.

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That's actually pretty awesome. So I can basically imagine the propellers being driven by those huge steam pistons like in the Titanic? Or did I go back too far?

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Makes sense now that I googled it. Very cool though, the steam turbine was invented in 1880's!