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My girlfriend is struggling through her PhD program studying penguins off the coast of Antarctica while simultaneously dealing with the worry of her father's battle with leukemia. If I send her address via PM, would you consider sending her a note of encouragement? You are one of her heroes and an inspiration to her for following a life dedicated to conservation research.

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You mentioned that your parents were Italian immigrants often subjected to discrimination themselves. How did they handle your indoctrination into a hate group? Did they have any influence on your decision to change your lifestyle to or back from that group?

Thank you for the AMA and all of the good you are doing to eliminate prejudice and hate!

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C'mon Reddit. Lets get this guy some place to stay.

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He can neither confirm nor deny this; let's just say he'll be up to his neck in jury duty.

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You seem like an amazingly well-rounded, smart and just awesome dude. That's made even more incredible considering how an upbringing and life experience such as yours could easily have sent you down another path. Thanks for doing this AMA, it was super interesting to get this kind of insight. Cheers!